Monday, February 6, 2012

Machines of darkness Pt 4

Part 4

“One month down, and what excitement" thought Wayde sarcastically. He was just finishing up another uneventful shift at Universal Tech and thinking back on his days here. He couldn't complain this is what he wanted, safe, steady, good pay. This was the best his family had been financially in over a year. Jahy was doing good, the company insurance paid 90% of his medicine cost, probably because U.T.C. was the leading manufacturer of it, along with weapons, space and communications technology. They had all the major markets covered, so to speak. With all this good fortune, Wayde had to admit he was bored and craving something more.

His entire month had consisted of making rounds through the endless halls and passages of this enormous building. He escorted former employees and their possessions off company property. The most action was while working the front desk one day last week. A group of anti-weapons demonstrators came into the lobby, lined up, and proceeded to strip off their clothing. They were all painted rainbow colors and had letterers that spelled out "peace" and "love". After a scan showed nothing dangerous hidden within their body's, and the only threat was getting body paint on security officers suits, the authorities were called. The offenders were removed easily and things went back to normal.

This is what Wayde disappointingly expected every day to be like as he went to the security office to sign out and go home. He was stopped in the hall by Jorge Monaco, his supervisor.

“Wayde, you’re in trouble or something good is about to happen,” said Jorge.

“Oh, What’s going on?” asked wayde.

“Head of security wants to see you in his office before you leave, like I said, it could be good or bad, I don't have a clue. Good luck Wayde,” said Jorge and walked away.

 Wayde ran through in his mind, everything he could have screwed up or done to get called in. He had never met the man, and had heard that few ever did just his supervisors and personal staff. "Well, this will be something different anyway," he thought as he reached his destination.

 “May I help you?” Asked the personal assistant as Wayde approached.

 The older lady sitting behind the desk looked and sounded like she was being disturbed and had better things to do.

“I was told to come here before leaving today, my name is Wayde Haytch.” She looked briefly at a screen mounted in the desk.

“Yes, you are expected Mr. Hyatch. She typed something then said, “Go right in, and Mr. Haytch, don't waste time, he has another appointment in five minutes.”

 Armon Silva sat behind a modest sized and well organized desk. He was an impressive sized man in his middle years with salt and pepper hair that was dark brown at one time. He had dark green eyes that looked right into and through a person. Wayde could tell he was being sized up and evaluated instantly by this man who looked him dead in the eye. He did this for about half a minute, and then lowered his gaze to something on his desk.

“Are you satisfied with your job Mr. Hatch?” 

Yes sir, I am” answered Wayde, feeling like it wasn't quite the truth.

“ I've studied your records and believe you have more potential and can be better used elsewhere in the company. I will be a man short on Mr. Clayton's personal security detail,” Silva paused, looked Wayde in the eye once more, and then asked, “do you want the job?”

 Wayde was taken aback and ask, is this Richard Clayton the CEO of Universal Tech?  Silva simply answered "yes".

 Wayde thought for a few seconds and said, “I would love to take the job.”

 Armon Silva then reached out to Wayde, and with a vice like grip shook his hand. Before letting Wayde go, Silva said in an almost threatening tone, “Don't disappoint me Mr. Haytch, I'll be watching you.”  With that the meeting was over, and Wayde’s job was going to be much more interesting.


  1. Thomas I really enjoyed. Can't wait for some action with Wayde.

    1. I was thinking the same thing myself. I'll do my best.

  2. This is developing into a really good story