Monday, March 5, 2012

Tuesdays tale Machines of darkness Pt. 5
Part 5

Waade was in a half crouch, feet apart, bare hands in front of him, palms outward. His adversary stood in a similar stance, but with knife in hand. Sweat dripping off  both men as they slowly circled each other watching and waiting for an opening. They had been battling for twenty minutes now without slowing. Waade was six two and two hundred thirty pounds of toned muscle. His opponent had a couple of inches and forty pounds more on him, but Waade had fought bigger and wasn’t worried. The blade slashed out mid torso, testing. Waade spread his hands and leaned back slightly knowing it would be short. Knife man stepped in and stabbed again, higher this time towards the chest. There was a grunt of pain as Waade twisted and chopped down on his foes arm as he missed target again.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” Ask Waade in a mocking voice.                                                   

Again they circled each other, with a slash here with the blade and a fist or foot there. The larger man was Close, but always missing. Waade on the other hand connected with each of his jabs and almost playful slaps to the face and hands of his opponent. He easily blocked or avoided the blade and fist coming his way. The bigger man was getting tired and more wild with his attacks, leaving himself more vulnerable and open.

“Come on big fella, is that all you got?  I’m starting to get bored” taunted Waade.

            Apparently this was enough to push the man beyond rational thought and he charged like a mad bull. Waade side stepped and caught the man in the ribs as he passed by. With an animal growl the man turned and charged again. Waade waited until the wild man was almost on top of him. And using his own momentum against him, Waade grabbed the wrist holding the knife. Then turned, bent his knees and threw the man over his shoulder with a judo move. He landed hard on his back with a grunt. Waade still holding the man’s arm gave it a twist and put his knee against the elbow with a slight pressure.

            “Drop it” said Waade.

The man struggled to pull away. Waade just applied more pressure to the joint. The man lay still and caught his breath, but stubbornly held the blade.

            “Come on friend, give it up” Waade told him.

            “Kiss my big arrrrg” the man said, as more pressure was applied.

            “What was that you said? Didn’t quite get it” Waade responded.

The man grunted and moaned with pain and the effort to escape. His face turned a bright red and his breathing sped up. Waade just continued bending the arm backwards.

            “I can do this all day, what about you?” ask Waade.

            “Ok ok enough! I give up!” he said through clinched teeth and the knife dropped to the ground.

            Waade let go, stood and extended his hand to the big man who was sitting on the floor nursing his arm.

            “Good workout kleef, you’re getting better all the time”

            “Thanks to you Mr. Hyatch, you are a great teacher” said Kleef still breathing hard.

             “You’re welcome, anytime my friend. But now I’ve got to go to work. I finally get to meet the elusive Mr. Clayton, what a life I lead” Commented Waade.

With that Waade grabbed a towel and headed to the shower and then to the restricted top floors of the U.T.C. building.


Thanks for reading my story please come back soon for the next part!