Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nothing fancy today, short and sweet.
Life is sometimes very busy and scrambled up and throws one off track at times.
This is my life lately, off track. This last year has been hard on my family and me.
We were told to move out of the house we were renting when it was sold out from under us.
Two weeks to find a place to live for ten people in a small town full of greed and prejudice.
Of course we had already been looking for months, and even tried to buy a home. My credit sucks so no go
with that. Lucky for us it was tax time and we had a large enough return to buy an RV. 10 by 30 ft. Can you
imagine eight kids and two adults in a box that size? We fit amazingly for about six months till we all got so stir crazy that we made a choice to move every one out to a real home. Every one but me that is. I am still here in the RV, living and working to take care of my family who are now over four hours away from me.
It sucks to only see them four days a month now but until I can find a decent job near them, here I stay.
So needless to say my writing has suffered alot. In fact has stopped completely until now, with this blogg.
My motivation just went away with my family I guess. Any way I just want you to think about what or who you have in your life. Don't take them for granted. Love them at all times, tell them, show them you do. Enjoy every moment together, treasure that time and feeling. You don't know what life will throw at you and could
be separated from the ones you hold dear. This is the lesson I am learning now.
For now I will try to get my mojo back and continue writing. I know some of you are waiting for more of the
WIPS I have going, be patient, they will come. Thanks for reading and your support . I am down but not out!