Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest post Linna Drehmel

I would like to introduce to you my good friend and author Linna Drehmel.

Thanks Thomas, I have been writing a lot. For many years in fact. I stuck with it until last fall I found my publisher Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing. My first publication was three stories in the Dark Light anthology:

The three stories are:
His first snow, an angels and demons story
The Darkon Prophecy, gothic
The Flaming Vengeance, again another gothic tale.

Not long after Dark Light was published Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing released my first full novel called H.E.A.R.T. Saga: The Children. The first book in my series H.E.A.R.T. Saga.

A seemingly perfect little world where all worship the HEART of    the plane. But all is not well with the HEART’s children.The copper haired outcast DraDonna has forbidden dreams of change.To save her world, she must risk all. And uncover the HEART’s secret and free them all.
I also have two more publications coming out this year. One is a little mini anthology of three little back stories to the H.E.A.R.T. Saga called Little Sins. The proceed go to a charity that help woman who have breast cancer.

I also have had the honor of working with Madison Daniel, Alexia Purdy, Kyani Swanagan, and Jenna Kay on a really awesome anthology called Beyond the Never. Due to be released in August by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing.

Thank you for having me on your blog Thomas!

Please come find Linna Drehmel at
Facebook author page
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Into Darkness Pt2

 The four friends sat alone at a table talking excitedly about their plans for the weekend. They agreed where they would camp on the river, a place they went too often. They talked about hiking and swimming in the river and other things they might do. They were going to meet at Matt’s house in an hour and ride together from there.
“This has been the best day ever” Matt told his friends as they left the park. Beady little eyes followed their progress till they were out of sight.
“Oh it will be the best all right, for me” Growled the troll like Butch who had been listening to their entire conversation from the bushes.
The four had gathered supplies, met and loaded everything into Matts old Bronco. Matt’s father gave encouragement to have a great time but to be careful. He shoved something into Matt’s hand.
“Just in case son” Said his dad with a wink as he turned and walked into the house. Matt looked down to see a small box of Trojans.
“Oh crap! How embarrassing” he said aloud and shoved them in his pocket. Matt ran to the truck, jumped in with his friends. Then they were off, singing and joking with not a care in the world. Life was perfect for them at this moment. But only for a moment.
Fate, destiny, call it what you will, had its own plans in store. They were dark and pain filled.
They made it to their spot and set up camp without incident, unaware that they had been followed by a vengeful Butch Reynolds and a couple of his goons. It was going to be interesting.
The fire pit was in the middle of camp with a tent on either side of it. The nearby river ran through a canyon with beautiful pine filled mountains surrounding it. There was a small road the friends used which followed the river through the canyon. Their campsite was just off this road hidden by thick green pine. It was perfect
There was a slight breeze, which brought the scent of pine and wild flowers. The river bubbled and splashed, night birds and crickets sang their songs. The night sky was clear, full of stars and bright round moon. Marshmallows roasted over the fire on sticks cut from nearby trees.  Remnants of dinner lay scattered on the ground as the four friends lounged around the fire. The conversation had died down into a comfortable silence. The girls had moved close to snuggle with their men.
“We should go to bed soon” Sally said looking shyly at her lap. There was something in her voice that stirred Matt’s blood.
This could be the night” Matt was thinking as he held Sally close. Jack and Dana were having similar thoughts; teenage hormones revving up dulled the senses. That’s probably why it took so long for them to notice the sound of a motor coming closer.
‘Hey, hear that? Sounds like someone is stopped at our road” Dana commented. Matt cocked an ear to listen, there was a vehicle stopped close by. Not uncommon for other people to drive up the canyon, the friends didn’t think much about it. They ate smores and started cleaning up camp before anybody noticed the sound of the motor had not changed.
“Whoever it is hasn’t moved. Wonder what’s going on.” Said Jack as he looked to where the sound was.
“I don’t know it seems a little strange” answered Matt. Just then they could hear the sound of gravel under tires as the vehicle moved. There was a sense of relief as Matt thought they were leaving. Why he didn’t know. Relief was short lived though as the sound got closer. The flash of headlights through the trees confirmed they were coming towards them. Matt had an uneasy feeling creeping in his gut like a twisting worm.
Why would they be coming to our camp at this time of night?” Matt thought. It was after midnight after all and this spot was obviously taken. Matt hoped they were lost or looking for friends and would soon be on their way.
“It looks like we have late night guest.” Jack stated without much emotion as he joined Matt and the girls by the fire.
A truck lumbered into camp and lurched to a stop a couple of yards from the friends. The headlights blinded them from seeing much more. After a minute the motor shut down and the doors opened. The sound of several empty cans hitting each other and the ground seemed to be amplified in the still night. No one moved or made a sound in the truck. Another minute went by and tension filled the cool night air. Then finally someone climbed out the driver’s door knocking more cans to the ground. The smell of alcohol was strong when the wind shifted a bit.
“Don’t be shy boys, come out and say hello.” Said a slurred and all too familiar voice from behind the open door.

 Stay tuned for more sometime in the future.

Into Darkness Pt. 1

Into Darkness
Ever since we were kids I remember my best friend was always into the darker side of things. When we played, Jack would be the dark wizard or demon king. He was always the bad guy, the anti-hero without fail. Anything that leaned towards evil or the appearance of, that was Jack. Dark clothes, music, movies, books, occasional torcher of some unfortunate neighborhood pets. But I never thought much of it myself; he was my friend, that’s all. Looking back now I’m not surprised, given the chance to become that which he desired that he would take it. I never guessed he would actually go this far. I’m losing my friend to the darkness and don’t think I can stop it. I feel so helpless, life has turned upside down. My name is Matt Anders and I may have to kill my best friend before he kills me. This is my story.
It had been a great day from the moment Matt woke to his eighteenth birthday. The sun shone in cloudless blue skies of early may. The air was crisp and cool, the smell of fresh cut grass filled Matts nose as he leaned out his window. “Perfect for my birthday party at the river tonight” he thought excitedly. Today though, Matt belonged to his family, his parents wanted to make it special for him. After all, their baby was a man now. They were going to treat several friends and relatives to a day at the water park. Have a big picnic and party for him. This was going to be fun but, tonight was what he really was looking forward too. He would be alone with Sally Johnsen in the woods without worry of anyone bothering them. They had been dating for over a year now and were very close. Sally had told Matt she had something very special to give him tonight. He was hoping it was what he had been dreaming about ever since that first kiss. Jack Waters, his best friend since preschool and Jacks girlfriend Dana were going to be there for the overnight getaway too. They were going to stay the night plus the whole next day in the woods alone. It was going to be awesome.
The day went by so fast, faster than Matt thought it would. So many old friends and family that hadn’t been seen in years showed up bearing food and gifts. Of course Jack was there with Dana and Sally. Jack seemed much happier and was more outgoing than usual. He had his trademark black hair and dark eyeliner; both had always been part of him. He had recently tattooed an unfamiliar symbol on his left shoulder. He said it was an ancient power and protection rune. This is probably one of the reasons he got noticed by the local bully. Matt, Jack, Sally and Dana were in the pool messing around like kids will. They would throw each other back and forth, chasing each other and just having fun.  During one of their games, Jack tripped while trying to get away from someone and fell into Butch (The Butcher) Reynolds. The Butcher was a large troll like person, with beady little eyes, buck toothed and bulging muscles. He had at least six inches on everyone around him. It seemed he had always been like this.  For years Butch had tormented all those he deemed unworthy in his eyes. Which were most people other than himself and a few lackeys with less brain power than a house plant. Some, like Jack got more abuse than others because he was always different from the norm. Butch didn’t like different, but what did he like anyway?
Jack hit a wall and stopped dead. The Butcher turned to see who bumped into him and as soon as he saw Jack his face turned dark with rage.
“You!” he growled and grabbed Jack by the throat, cocked his arm back to punch. But before he could do any more, several hands had hold of Butch pulling him back. There was such hate in his eyes directed solely at Jack. Jacks face didn’t show anger or even fear but more of a calculating look, which gave Matt a bad feeling.
“I’ll get you little freak! Just you wait!” spat Butch as he was forcibly pulled further away.
“Come on Jack, let’s go back to the pavilion” Matt urged his friend out of the pool and towards their reserved area.
“That guy has had it out for you longer than I can remember. Jack what did you ever do to him?” Matt asked.
“Nothing at all, I just exist, that’s enough apparently for him. But don’t worry about it Matt, I don’t think he will bother anyone much longer.” Jack said cryptically.
Matt didn’t know how to respond to that and felt he should just let it go. He figured it was just another of jacks off comments as usual.
The rest of the day went without incident; Butch must have left because no one saw him again. Family had something to do with his disappearance Matt was sure. After all it was them that hauled Butch off. Matt imagined the conversation that took place back in some corner and laughed inside just thinking about it.  Eventually everyone said their goodbyes and wished Matt well, then went their separate ways.
Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think. Pt 2 is up also.