Sunday, January 29, 2012

Machines of darkness Pt.3

Machines of darkness part 3 *word prompt save*
Wayde left the apartment in a rush, trying to shake the dream that in reality was a not so distant memory.  One of many that had been plaguing him of late.

It was coming up on the 3rd anniversary of the battle of New home. Wayde received an invitation to return there for the annual freedom celebration, a freedom he helped make. And that's when the dreams began. It was his last mission before he retired from the guard, and started a new life away from death and pain.

Life had been good too, mundane and ordinary. But that's what he and Lynne wanted, especially with baby Jahy in their life. They moved to a small colony world, only fifty years inhabited. There was one major city and maybe a dozen small towns in the surrounding area. Wayde built a home in one of these towns, planted a garden, and joined the volunteer fire and rescue squad. Wayde landed a job with a growing communications company, setting up comm. towers all over the planet. He loved this job and the crew of people he went out with. He was happy and content with no plan to change, but change it did.

 After a routine check-up for a two year old Jayh, he was diagnosed with a rare form of wasting disease that would be fatal within two or three years. Wayde and Lynne were devastated; their almost perfect life had just hit a wall. Talking with all doctors and specialist locally, and weeks of research, they found there was a treatment that would save him. But extremely costly and had to be taken weekly for life.

The Haytch family had hope again, and new goals to strive for. Wayde worked as much as possible trying to earn extra money, Lynne did what she could from home, selling items and services over the galactic web. They struggled for almost a year, Jahy was alive and healthy but they were on the edge losing everything they had. Spirits that had been high sunk with each passing day. 

Wayde knew he would have to go off world in order to earn enough for his family. He didn't want to leave this place and knew Lynne wouldn't either, but what choice was there?

 The only choice he felt he had left was the subject of this morning’s disagreement with Lynne.  They had agreed that after Wayde left the guard, he would stay out of anything that would put him in harm’s way, or where he would have to hurt someone else. That agreement ended when Wayde's company was acquired by Universal Technology Corporation, or U.T.C. They were one of the largest and most powerful companies in the galaxy.

On a day when work was slow, Wayde thought to look at the company job board, just to see what was available internally. There was the usual accounting, sales, factory work, etc. but it was security that caught his eye. This was not what he wanted, but something he knew well, so he was curious to know more. They were looking for ex-military and experienced security personnel to work in the corporate office on Lykos. The pay would be double his current salary and the pros kept outweighing the cons. Wayde thought it wouldn't hurt to apply, he probably wouldn't hear anything from the company anyway.

He never told Lynne when he had received the vid- message telling him that he had the job. The job was contingent upon an in person interview and physical evaluation at corporate. Needless to say Lynne was not overwhelmed with joy after Wayde told her he was going to Lykos for an interview and what the job would be. After a slightly heated discussion, they both agreed that this was their best direction at the moment. So Wayde made the ten hour trip to Lykos and had a successful meeting with the head of security. He then passed the physical training test with relative ease.

Two weeks later, here he was with his family, in a new apartment and the first day on the job. Stress from moving, bad memories, worry over Jayh and now, Lynne brought up his not discussing important matters with her before acting, again, today of all days. Wayde was on edge and needed to calm down and focus, so he ran.

Frustration and anger melted away as he sprinted towards the transport station fifteen blocks away. As he ran, his mind cleared, senses sharpened. He felt the wind blowing through his hair and over his face. The light of the new days sun rising in colors of deep lavender, crimson and finally bright golden sun, were intense in his vision. The sound of wind dominated but birds and the increasing humm of hove cars filled his ears. He took note of passing apartments, homes and gradually businesses overtook everything. Wayde jogged into the station feeling refreshed and alive, ready for whatever life might throw at him today.

Floating inches above the anti-grav rails, the train like  transport moved into the city with incredible speed.  Wayde was excited and a bit apprehensive as he went deeper into the city. After all this was the capitol and largest city in the galaxy. The city was beautiful, the buildings were all of metallic hues red, gold, copper, silver and everything in between. There were thousands of them of all shapes and sizes, climbing upward as if reaching for the sun. But one building dominated the skyline; it was easily six thousand feet tall. Four jagged spires surrounding a central, equally jagged spire looked as if rough-hewn from stone and dipped in molten silver. With fountains the size of small lakes at each spire and the main court yard paved in gold, it was an impressive sight. This was Waydes new work place; this is where everything was supposed to turn around for the good.
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