Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thanks for having me on your blog again Thomas. I have been working very hard on all my stories and thought I would give you all an update on what I have been doing and where my inspiration comes from.

Most of you know of my first book H.E.A.R.T. Saga: The Children. Is a fast paced scifi novel the first book in a five book series.Mostly I listened to Depeche Mode and Josh Groban

Dark Light. I have three stories in this anthology. His first snow inspired by Trans Siberian Orchestra. The Darkon Prophecy mainly Depeche mode. The Flaming Vengeance, Josh Groban and Depeche Mode.

Beyond the Never is a really fun Anthology I did with four other authors. Madison Daniel, Alexia Perdy, Jenna Kay, Kyani Swanigan. All the work I did in this one was inspired by William Control and Depeche mode.

Grim Vengeance anthology I have one story, Madison’s gift.It was inspired by my good friend and writing brother Madison
Daniel. He told me that once a long time ago that he was a singer in a band. Gave me the idea for the story. Mostly Depeche Mode and William Control were my muses on this one.

H.E.A.R.T. Saga: The Choice, due to be released 2-14-13 is the second book in my scifi series. I listened to a lot of Eveanescene, Depeche Mode and William Control.

Little Sins, is also a part of the H.E.A.R.T Saga. This is three short stories that a set before the first book. This is on sale for .99 and all proceeds goes to a charity called Melanie's Memory. They help woman with breast cancer.

In The shadow will be out soon in The Dark Light 2 anthology. This story was directly inspired by the William Control song NOIR.

The Touch is a short story that I wrote under the pen name of Louisa Albrect. It is a beautiful yet hot story so no one under 18 please. This will be out on 1-15-13. This was inspired by Obscure Pleasures and William Control.

I submitted a story I wrote that was inspired by Thomas Cowie himself  (thanks by the way) called The Machine for the Dark Light 3 anthology.  I wrote it mostly listening to Ashestoangels and Fearless Vampire Killers.
I also have When You Fall a scifi novel that I am working on. It was inspired by Ashestoangels and William Control.
And I also have a gothic fantasy novel (the first of a series) called Twin Flame that was inspired by Fearless Vampire Killers.

So much work in one year! Come check out my work on Amazon and find me on Facebook for a chat!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nothing fancy today, short and sweet.
Life is sometimes very busy and scrambled up and throws one off track at times.
This is my life lately, off track. This last year has been hard on my family and me.
We were told to move out of the house we were renting when it was sold out from under us.
Two weeks to find a place to live for ten people in a small town full of greed and prejudice.
Of course we had already been looking for months, and even tried to buy a home. My credit sucks so no go
with that. Lucky for us it was tax time and we had a large enough return to buy an RV. 10 by 30 ft. Can you
imagine eight kids and two adults in a box that size? We fit amazingly for about six months till we all got so stir crazy that we made a choice to move every one out to a real home. Every one but me that is. I am still here in the RV, living and working to take care of my family who are now over four hours away from me.
It sucks to only see them four days a month now but until I can find a decent job near them, here I stay.
So needless to say my writing has suffered alot. In fact has stopped completely until now, with this blogg.
My motivation just went away with my family I guess. Any way I just want you to think about what or who you have in your life. Don't take them for granted. Love them at all times, tell them, show them you do. Enjoy every moment together, treasure that time and feeling. You don't know what life will throw at you and could
be separated from the ones you hold dear. This is the lesson I am learning now.
For now I will try to get my mojo back and continue writing. I know some of you are waiting for more of the
WIPS I have going, be patient, they will come. Thanks for reading and your support . I am down but not out!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest post Linna Drehmel

I would like to introduce to you my good friend and author Linna Drehmel.

Thanks Thomas, I have been writing a lot. For many years in fact. I stuck with it until last fall I found my publisher Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing. My first publication was three stories in the Dark Light anthology:

The three stories are:
His first snow, an angels and demons story
The Darkon Prophecy, gothic
The Flaming Vengeance, again another gothic tale.

Not long after Dark Light was published Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing released my first full novel called H.E.A.R.T. Saga: The Children. The first book in my series H.E.A.R.T. Saga.


A seemingly perfect little world where all worship the HEART of    the plane. But all is not well with the HEART’s children.The copper haired outcast DraDonna has forbidden dreams of change.To save her world, she must risk all. And uncover the HEART’s secret and free them all.
I also have two more publications coming out this year. One is a little mini anthology of three little back stories to the H.E.A.R.T. Saga called Little Sins. The proceed go to a charity that help woman who have breast cancer.

I also have had the honor of working with Madison Daniel, Alexia Purdy, Kyani Swanagan, and Jenna Kay on a really awesome anthology called Beyond the Never. Due to be released in August by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing.

Thank you for having me on your blog Thomas!

Please come find Linna Drehmel at
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/linna.drehmel
Facebook author pagehttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Linna-Drehmel-Author-page/336631289696105
Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/LinnaDrehmel
Vampire Freaks http://vampirefreaks.com/PrincessPhoenix
Blogger http://linnadrehmel.blogspot.com

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Into Darkness Pt2

 The four friends sat alone at a table talking excitedly about their plans for the weekend. They agreed where they would camp on the river, a place they went too often. They talked about hiking and swimming in the river and other things they might do. They were going to meet at Matt’s house in an hour and ride together from there.
“This has been the best day ever” Matt told his friends as they left the park. Beady little eyes followed their progress till they were out of sight.
“Oh it will be the best all right, for me” Growled the troll like Butch who had been listening to their entire conversation from the bushes.
The four had gathered supplies, met and loaded everything into Matts old Bronco. Matt’s father gave encouragement to have a great time but to be careful. He shoved something into Matt’s hand.
“Just in case son” Said his dad with a wink as he turned and walked into the house. Matt looked down to see a small box of Trojans.
“Oh crap! How embarrassing” he said aloud and shoved them in his pocket. Matt ran to the truck, jumped in with his friends. Then they were off, singing and joking with not a care in the world. Life was perfect for them at this moment. But only for a moment.
Fate, destiny, call it what you will, had its own plans in store. They were dark and pain filled.
They made it to their spot and set up camp without incident, unaware that they had been followed by a vengeful Butch Reynolds and a couple of his goons. It was going to be interesting.
The fire pit was in the middle of camp with a tent on either side of it. The nearby river ran through a canyon with beautiful pine filled mountains surrounding it. There was a small road the friends used which followed the river through the canyon. Their campsite was just off this road hidden by thick green pine. It was perfect
There was a slight breeze, which brought the scent of pine and wild flowers. The river bubbled and splashed, night birds and crickets sang their songs. The night sky was clear, full of stars and bright round moon. Marshmallows roasted over the fire on sticks cut from nearby trees.  Remnants of dinner lay scattered on the ground as the four friends lounged around the fire. The conversation had died down into a comfortable silence. The girls had moved close to snuggle with their men.
“We should go to bed soon” Sally said looking shyly at her lap. There was something in her voice that stirred Matt’s blood.
This could be the night” Matt was thinking as he held Sally close. Jack and Dana were having similar thoughts; teenage hormones revving up dulled the senses. That’s probably why it took so long for them to notice the sound of a motor coming closer.
‘Hey, hear that? Sounds like someone is stopped at our road” Dana commented. Matt cocked an ear to listen, there was a vehicle stopped close by. Not uncommon for other people to drive up the canyon, the friends didn’t think much about it. They ate smores and started cleaning up camp before anybody noticed the sound of the motor had not changed.
“Whoever it is hasn’t moved. Wonder what’s going on.” Said Jack as he looked to where the sound was.
“I don’t know it seems a little strange” answered Matt. Just then they could hear the sound of gravel under tires as the vehicle moved. There was a sense of relief as Matt thought they were leaving. Why he didn’t know. Relief was short lived though as the sound got closer. The flash of headlights through the trees confirmed they were coming towards them. Matt had an uneasy feeling creeping in his gut like a twisting worm.
Why would they be coming to our camp at this time of night?” Matt thought. It was after midnight after all and this spot was obviously taken. Matt hoped they were lost or looking for friends and would soon be on their way.
“It looks like we have late night guest.” Jack stated without much emotion as he joined Matt and the girls by the fire.
A truck lumbered into camp and lurched to a stop a couple of yards from the friends. The headlights blinded them from seeing much more. After a minute the motor shut down and the doors opened. The sound of several empty cans hitting each other and the ground seemed to be amplified in the still night. No one moved or made a sound in the truck. Another minute went by and tension filled the cool night air. Then finally someone climbed out the driver’s door knocking more cans to the ground. The smell of alcohol was strong when the wind shifted a bit.
“Don’t be shy boys, come out and say hello.” Said a slurred and all too familiar voice from behind the open door.

 Stay tuned for more sometime in the future.

Into Darkness Pt. 1

Into Darkness
Ever since we were kids I remember my best friend was always into the darker side of things. When we played, Jack would be the dark wizard or demon king. He was always the bad guy, the anti-hero without fail. Anything that leaned towards evil or the appearance of, that was Jack. Dark clothes, music, movies, books, occasional torcher of some unfortunate neighborhood pets. But I never thought much of it myself; he was my friend, that’s all. Looking back now I’m not surprised, given the chance to become that which he desired that he would take it. I never guessed he would actually go this far. I’m losing my friend to the darkness and don’t think I can stop it. I feel so helpless, life has turned upside down. My name is Matt Anders and I may have to kill my best friend before he kills me. This is my story.
It had been a great day from the moment Matt woke to his eighteenth birthday. The sun shone in cloudless blue skies of early may. The air was crisp and cool, the smell of fresh cut grass filled Matts nose as he leaned out his window. “Perfect for my birthday party at the river tonight” he thought excitedly. Today though, Matt belonged to his family, his parents wanted to make it special for him. After all, their baby was a man now. They were going to treat several friends and relatives to a day at the water park. Have a big picnic and party for him. This was going to be fun but, tonight was what he really was looking forward too. He would be alone with Sally Johnsen in the woods without worry of anyone bothering them. They had been dating for over a year now and were very close. Sally had told Matt she had something very special to give him tonight. He was hoping it was what he had been dreaming about ever since that first kiss. Jack Waters, his best friend since preschool and Jacks girlfriend Dana were going to be there for the overnight getaway too. They were going to stay the night plus the whole next day in the woods alone. It was going to be awesome.
The day went by so fast, faster than Matt thought it would. So many old friends and family that hadn’t been seen in years showed up bearing food and gifts. Of course Jack was there with Dana and Sally. Jack seemed much happier and was more outgoing than usual. He had his trademark black hair and dark eyeliner; both had always been part of him. He had recently tattooed an unfamiliar symbol on his left shoulder. He said it was an ancient power and protection rune. This is probably one of the reasons he got noticed by the local bully. Matt, Jack, Sally and Dana were in the pool messing around like kids will. They would throw each other back and forth, chasing each other and just having fun.  During one of their games, Jack tripped while trying to get away from someone and fell into Butch (The Butcher) Reynolds. The Butcher was a large troll like person, with beady little eyes, buck toothed and bulging muscles. He had at least six inches on everyone around him. It seemed he had always been like this.  For years Butch had tormented all those he deemed unworthy in his eyes. Which were most people other than himself and a few lackeys with less brain power than a house plant. Some, like Jack got more abuse than others because he was always different from the norm. Butch didn’t like different, but what did he like anyway?
Jack hit a wall and stopped dead. The Butcher turned to see who bumped into him and as soon as he saw Jack his face turned dark with rage.
“You!” he growled and grabbed Jack by the throat, cocked his arm back to punch. But before he could do any more, several hands had hold of Butch pulling him back. There was such hate in his eyes directed solely at Jack. Jacks face didn’t show anger or even fear but more of a calculating look, which gave Matt a bad feeling.
“I’ll get you little freak! Just you wait!” spat Butch as he was forcibly pulled further away.
“Come on Jack, let’s go back to the pavilion” Matt urged his friend out of the pool and towards their reserved area.
“That guy has had it out for you longer than I can remember. Jack what did you ever do to him?” Matt asked.
“Nothing at all, I just exist, that’s enough apparently for him. But don’t worry about it Matt, I don’t think he will bother anyone much longer.” Jack said cryptically.
Matt didn’t know how to respond to that and felt he should just let it go. He figured it was just another of jacks off comments as usual.
The rest of the day went without incident; Butch must have left because no one saw him again. Family had something to do with his disappearance Matt was sure. After all it was them that hauled Butch off. Matt imagined the conversation that took place back in some corner and laughed inside just thinking about it.  Eventually everyone said their goodbyes and wished Matt well, then went their separate ways.
Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think. Pt 2 is up also.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Machines of darkness Part six

Part 6

            Waade had been working in Clayton’s personal security unit for weeks now. He never caught a glimpse of the man as he patrolled the private offices and living quarters of Clayton’s personal Staff.  No Surprise though being that the man rarely left the upper two floors, which were his living Quarters.  There were three other floors.

 The first was all security. The lifts stopped here, you were scanned and if all was well you got on another lift. No one went any further without clearance.

 The second floor had all machinery and maintenance personnel. They had their own power generation, water and food storage, all here also.

 The third floor is where Clayton’s offices were located, along with housekeeping and kitchen staff.  There was a small medical facility fully equipped for major surgery, and staffed by the finest money can buy. These three floors are where Waade had been thus far.

The upper floors had only a handful of seasoned and highly trusted guards. But today Mr. Clayton was going out on a rare excursion to tour a new facility and do a uniwebb conference after. Waade was chosen to be part of the escort, and he had to admit he was excited to get out of the building. Some challenge and possible danger sounded appealing after so long without it.

Waade’s role today was minimal, crowd control only. He was told to mingle with the crowd and report anything suspicious. While Clayton’s seasoned staff took the responsibility over him themselves. In his supervisor and coworkers eyes he was still green and needed to prove himself to them. Waade didn’t care, he was out under the morning sky enjoying every minute away from the office. So far things were uneventful. 

Clayton toured the newly acquired Deep Tech. facility, which specialized in deep space sensor probes and other similar devices. It was a secure compound and the staff and few visitors were cleared, so little to worry about. It was the Uniwebb conference taking place outside the building in the landing zone that was going to be the real challenge.

Waade was finishing a walk around the perimeter when he was told over the comm that Mr. Clayton was on the way. Waade searched the crowd, looking for anything out of the ordinary. After he was satisfied, he gave the all clear along with several other guards watching from different locations around the zone. Just then a door opened and several guards stepped out with purpose. They were dressed in dark, fine cut suites which covered sleek body armor and the standard multi- phase pistol. Black polarized lenses staring down the crowd, daring someone to step out of line. After a minute of scanning the crowd visually and with weapon energy scan devices, one of the guards went back inside. He reemerged followed closely by a man who looked to be in his middle years. He was average height and build, with hair that was almost white in color. Waade moved closer to get a better look at the man while watching the crowd of onlookers.

 The former owner and C.E.O. of  Deep tech. stepped up and told how excited and happy he and his staff were to be working with such a prestigious man and company. He then introduced his new business partner who moved to the front of the small covered entryway to deliver his statements to the crowd and the Uniwebb transceiver.

As Mr. Clayton spouted the usual rhetoric, Waade half listened and watched the crowd. The surrounding area seemed clear but he was getting a feeling something wasn’t right. It was a feeling he hadn’t had since his service days, and usually he was right. Waade worked his way forward through the crowd, looking for anything suspicious.  Waades pulse sped up; his senses became sharper the closer he came forward.

Where are you?” thought Waade as he looked everyone over closely. He found himself among the press just feet from Clayton. Anytime now it was going to happen and Waade was ready. Hand in jacket resting comfortably on the pistol grip Waade concentrated and waited.

Only minutes passed when a man wearing a press pass was noticed moving forward slowly. There was something in his hand Waade couldn’t make out. It could be nothing but the more he watched, body language and nervous sweating said otherwise. Closer and closer the man moved toward Clayton, no one seemed to notice. Waade moved with him until he was in arms reach, ready to spring at a wrong move. The man was glaring at Clayton and shaking visibly. He was gripping so tightly to something his knuckles were white.

Waade moved closer to the man, he could feel the threat from him like heat from an oven.  Until the man did something, Waade could only watch. After several minutes of psyching himself up, the man made his move. He pulled a spring loaded gun from his pocket and tried to aim, but his arm was locked in Waades iron grip before he got it past his hip. With a primal scream of anguish and rage the man ripped free of Waades grip and turned on him just long enough to fire. Waade felt a sharp pain in his ribs but chose to ignore it and charged forward.

“Die you murdering bastard!” the man yelled, eyes blazing with hate at Clayton. He was climbing the few steps between him and his target. Weapons were drawn and sighting in on both sides. The air grew thick and time seemed to slow as Waade ran reaching out for the man. He could have shot the man but no guarantee he would go down before getting a lucky shot off first.

“Get down!” Yelled Waade as he crashed into the man simultaneously pulling his gun hand downward.

The two landed in a heap on the steps. Waade saw the red rimmed eyes, the fevered look in them. He knew this man didn’t have anything to lose and would die finishing his task.

“You killed her Clayton!” the man snarled.  “You killed herrr!”  With desperate strength the man threw Waade off and stood. Before the others could get there, gripping his pistol Waade spun the man around and hit him across the jaw. The man was out cold when security descended on him.

Waade looking around saw nothing amiss and Clayton was safely away in his shuttle. Now he could take a breath and relax and enjoy the high the action brought. Except for the two inch sharpened spike in his ribs, it was a good day.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

M.O.D. Rework

Machines of darkness part ?
The chamber was carved from the natural grey and green bedrock of the planet. The rock walls had been cut with a precision that only a high powered plasma beam could accomplish. All surfaces were smooth and flawless, with no trace of tool marks. The chamber was deep and narrow with an arched ceiling. Small, dim, lights were evenly spaced along the entire length of the room. Four rows of opaque, grey exam tables were separated by two aisles. Two were head to head in the center and one against each outer wall. There were hundreds of them in this chamber, all coated with a fine layer of dust. This was just one in perhaps thousands of similar chambers scattered across the planet. All designed for one dark purpose.
Waade Hyatch lay in darkness, his head pounding with pain. His mind fuzzy and on the edge of conscientiousness, trying to recall what was happening to him.
I need to get up” he thought, and struggled to do so, but found that he was being held firmly in place.
“What is holding me down?” thought Waade. Forcing his eyes open, he looked down and saw it was the bed restraints; he was connected to the machine. He remembered being attacked from behind; he was hit on the head with something hard, like a rifle butt. ” frecking cowards!” he spat to the air. The pain in the back of his head throbbed just then making it hard to think. Someone had dragged him to one of the extraction tables and forced him on it Waade knew the restraint bars set automatically when life energy was detected, his energy now. It had started already; he could feel the machine siphoning his life away. “I’m a dead man” thought Waade. Once the machine started, it couldn’t be stopped.
 Waade continued to drift in and out of coherent thought as the metallic arms of the bed squeezed him in a deadly embrace. There was a slight vibration and soft electric hum in the air. The sound was almost comforting, soothing .The bed was warm and inviting, like the builders of this abomination wanted their victims to be lulled like a child in his mother’s arms.
Waade was just about to let him-self slip into warm, dark oblivion when the pain came. This was a pain like he never could have imagined. Nothing in his past experience could compare to this. He convulsed as the pleasant warmth was replaced by searing heat over his entire body. Inside, it felt as if a thousand knives shredded organs, muscle and bone. His blood turned to acid and burned unmercifully through his veins.  No single part was spared from the agony.
He could hear a voice through the pain, “I am sorry Waade”. Pain, heat, pain, on and on it went for what seemed like hours.
“It was not supposed to be like this. I never intended to harm you or anyone for that matter. But my circumstances changed and I don’t want to die, I won’t die Mr. Hyatch. Thanks to you and the others” A shadowy figure gestured towards the nearby tables where several bodies or what was left of them lay. “If what the science techs said is true, I will never be sick or old. I will be immortal”
Waade forced himself to look where the figure pointed knowing what he would see. There taking up several extraction tables were the bodies of his team members. Beyond he could just make out the missing science teams bloating and rotting bodies. “We didn’t know how to work the machine, not even sure of its purpose, till we found the A/V files.” The vaguely familiar voice continued to tell of the race
that created the device and how very thorough they were documenting the local inhabitants’ reactions to it. ” Each species needs to be calibrated to match the life energy of the recipient.” The voice went on but Waade didn’t pay attention, it was just background noise.

 “I should already be dead, why am I not dead like the others?” Waade thought, through the red haze of pain.” End this!” he screamed
 Then he thought of Lynne and Jahy, his beloved family. He knew that they were waiting for him to come home. Needing him home, Jahy didn't have much longer before...
              He blocked out that last thought, he would not go there. Holding the image of his family in his mind, Waade was able to focus his thoughts.  He realized that he could still move his hands.  Pushing through the pain and numbness creeping through his mind and body, he forced his hands to move. Slowly, inch by agonizing inch he moved his fingers that felt like they were filled with molten lead. He found his belt and followed it down, afraid that it wasn’t there. “Yes!” he thought with excitement as fingers touched the clasp of the plasma cutting tool. “For my family” he thought,” For my friends” Waade had a chance to escape and was going to take it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tuesdays tale Machines of darkness Pt. 5

Part 5

Waade was in a half crouch, feet apart, bare hands in front of him, palms outward. His adversary stood in a similar stance, but with knife in hand. Sweat dripping off  both men as they slowly circled each other watching and waiting for an opening. They had been battling for twenty minutes now without slowing. Waade was six two and two hundred thirty pounds of toned muscle. His opponent had a couple of inches and forty pounds more on him, but Waade had fought bigger and wasn’t worried. The blade slashed out mid torso, testing. Waade spread his hands and leaned back slightly knowing it would be short. Knife man stepped in and stabbed again, higher this time towards the chest. There was a grunt of pain as Waade twisted and chopped down on his foes arm as he missed target again.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” Ask Waade in a mocking voice.                                                   

Again they circled each other, with a slash here with the blade and a fist or foot there. The larger man was Close, but always missing. Waade on the other hand connected with each of his jabs and almost playful slaps to the face and hands of his opponent. He easily blocked or avoided the blade and fist coming his way. The bigger man was getting tired and more wild with his attacks, leaving himself more vulnerable and open.

“Come on big fella, is that all you got?  I’m starting to get bored” taunted Waade.

            Apparently this was enough to push the man beyond rational thought and he charged like a mad bull. Waade side stepped and caught the man in the ribs as he passed by. With an animal growl the man turned and charged again. Waade waited until the wild man was almost on top of him. And using his own momentum against him, Waade grabbed the wrist holding the knife. Then turned, bent his knees and threw the man over his shoulder with a judo move. He landed hard on his back with a grunt. Waade still holding the man’s arm gave it a twist and put his knee against the elbow with a slight pressure.

            “Drop it” said Waade.

The man struggled to pull away. Waade just applied more pressure to the joint. The man lay still and caught his breath, but stubbornly held the blade.

            “Come on friend, give it up” Waade told him.

            “Kiss my big arrrrg” the man said, as more pressure was applied.

            “What was that you said? Didn’t quite get it” Waade responded.

The man grunted and moaned with pain and the effort to escape. His face turned a bright red and his breathing sped up. Waade just continued bending the arm backwards.

            “I can do this all day, what about you?” ask Waade.

            “Ok ok enough! I give up!” he said through clinched teeth and the knife dropped to the ground.

            Waade let go, stood and extended his hand to the big man who was sitting on the floor nursing his arm.

            “Good workout kleef, you’re getting better all the time”

            “Thanks to you Mr. Hyatch, you are a great teacher” said Kleef still breathing hard.

             “You’re welcome, anytime my friend. But now I’ve got to go to work. I finally get to meet the elusive Mr. Clayton, what a life I lead” Commented Waade.

With that Waade grabbed a towel and headed to the shower and then to the restricted top floors of the U.T.C. building.


Thanks for reading my story please come back soon for the next part!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My first guest Lindsay Downs

Thank you Lindsay Downs for being the first guest on my blog.
The 4th POV

Yes viewers, there is another POV but I’ll get to that in a few seconds, if you’re a fast reader.

Many of us are familiar with the 1st POV. This is where we, the author puts you, the reader, inside the heroine or heroes head. By writing this way the reader becomes immersed into the character that will lead them through the story.

Middle Grade (MD) and Young Adult (YA) are frequently writing in this view. A few authors have used it in adult fiction.

The disadvantage to this is you are in the heroine or heroes mind the whole time. And unless told by that individual you don’t know the other half of the story.

Writing in the 3rd POV is the most frequently used, accepted and possible the most difficult. Here the reader stands outside the body of the main character in the scene and sees what they see, experience and feel. The problem with this is having to have scene changes within a chapter when you want someone to show the reader what another character is going through. One way to avoid this is to write the entire chapter in from one person’s view then in the next chapter show another point.

Personally, I find having scene changes in a chapter the best, however, that’s not to say I won’t go for the single POV chapter in future books.

Now we get to the other POV.

As I was writing the Emily Dahill series I came to find out that there was yet another point of view to write in, the 4th which I prefer to call the Collie POV.

You, the reader, are seeing and feeling what the collie, in my case mostly Dakota, the hero in the Emily Dahill Series, does but more on a first hand basis, somewhat similar to 1st POV. You are directly involved in what is going on. You see through the his eyes, hear what he does. Don’t forget though, many of the words someone will say to him, he doesn’t understand but can pick out select ones.

For example, he knows what a motorcycle is but can’t understand the word “sidecar”. He knows what a “car” is but can’t relate the word to where he sits. He know what a truck and humvee are because the words are used frequently around him. But that black thing the vehicles drive on, no clue. To him it’s a black ribbon that vehicles ride on, not as we humans know is a road.

If he was to, say, open the refrigerator you watch through his eyes as he can overcome the problem.

When the collie has to force someone to the ground you are taken through the necessary steps, lowering his hind end for greater push, the leap and the impact. All within his mind without the use of him thinking what he’s doing.

When  writing a scene with humans in it we can take a lot for granted, but it’s not that easy when I’m writing from the collie point of view. I have to put myself into their mind. How do they see something, a barn fire for instance or a firemen. We know what they are but if Sasha, the heroine in my Christmas story, hasn’t seen either what does it look like to her. I have to show the reader what she is seeing through her eyes. Not only that but in terms she would know and understand.

As you can see writing from this point of view can be hard, having to put myself into the collie’s mind. However, I find it to be interesting and at times the most fun and exciting.

Where can you find me?

Emily Dahill, CID Part 1

Final Mission-After being seriously wounded in a copter crash in Iraq Sgt. Emily Dahill meets her new partner as she embarks on her new Army career as a CID agent. Who could this new partner be?

A Body in the Snow- Emily and her partner, Dakota, cross bullets with their most determined foe. Who will survive?

Right Place, Wrong Day-On leave to hang with friends Emily gets the surprise of her life.

Dog on Fishing-When it comes to knowing how to fish, and catch the big ones, never underestimate your partner. He might surprise you.

A Dog Gone Christmas

When a call for paws goes out, five friends bring their collies without question to a friend’s house. They learn the collies are needed to help seven children with the grief of losing a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan. Now, with seven friends, four collie yearlings and their mother, they set out to help the children

Not far away a mother hopefully leads her seven puppies to safety from a man intent on selling them for illicit purposes.

By a miracle of fate the two mother collies find each other right before the man sells the puppies.

That Christmas morning will be one the children will remember all their lives and they are united with the puppies.

A Body in the Attic

Special Agent Emily Dahill, Dakota along with her team of technicians are sent to Master Sergeant Annabelle Carlyle’s Victorian style house for what they think is a simple break-in. What they find however, turns out to be even more ominous and far reaching.

A secret passageway leads to a mysterious gunshot. When the prime suspect is cleared they still have no clue who the shooter is, or why. Could the shooter be the same individual who took a shot at Dakota?

Add into the mix the FBI and their unexpected involvement in the case.

Soon they learn the break-in had been a cover-up for a more nefarious crime. One that involves Emily’s nemesis, the brown-haired man, and millions of dollars being sent to terrorists.

Will they solve the case before the money disappears forever and more bodies turn up? Not even the inestimable Dakota is sure.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Machines of darkness Pt 4

Part 4

“One month down, and what excitement" thought Wayde sarcastically. He was just finishing up another uneventful shift at Universal Tech and thinking back on his days here. He couldn't complain this is what he wanted, safe, steady, good pay. This was the best his family had been financially in over a year. Jahy was doing good, the company insurance paid 90% of his medicine cost, probably because U.T.C. was the leading manufacturer of it, along with weapons, space and communications technology. They had all the major markets covered, so to speak. With all this good fortune, Wayde had to admit he was bored and craving something more.

His entire month had consisted of making rounds through the endless halls and passages of this enormous building. He escorted former employees and their possessions off company property. The most action was while working the front desk one day last week. A group of anti-weapons demonstrators came into the lobby, lined up, and proceeded to strip off their clothing. They were all painted rainbow colors and had letterers that spelled out "peace" and "love". After a scan showed nothing dangerous hidden within their body's, and the only threat was getting body paint on security officers suits, the authorities were called. The offenders were removed easily and things went back to normal.

This is what Wayde disappointingly expected every day to be like as he went to the security office to sign out and go home. He was stopped in the hall by Jorge Monaco, his supervisor.

“Wayde, you’re in trouble or something good is about to happen,” said Jorge.

“Oh, What’s going on?” asked wayde.

“Head of security wants to see you in his office before you leave, like I said, it could be good or bad, I don't have a clue. Good luck Wayde,” said Jorge and walked away.

 Wayde ran through in his mind, everything he could have screwed up or done to get called in. He had never met the man, and had heard that few ever did just his supervisors and personal staff. "Well, this will be something different anyway," he thought as he reached his destination.

 “May I help you?” Asked the personal assistant as Wayde approached.

 The older lady sitting behind the desk looked and sounded like she was being disturbed and had better things to do.

“I was told to come here before leaving today, my name is Wayde Haytch.” She looked briefly at a screen mounted in the desk.

“Yes, you are expected Mr. Hyatch. She typed something then said, “Go right in, and Mr. Haytch, don't waste time, he has another appointment in five minutes.”

 Armon Silva sat behind a modest sized and well organized desk. He was an impressive sized man in his middle years with salt and pepper hair that was dark brown at one time. He had dark green eyes that looked right into and through a person. Wayde could tell he was being sized up and evaluated instantly by this man who looked him dead in the eye. He did this for about half a minute, and then lowered his gaze to something on his desk.

“Are you satisfied with your job Mr. Hatch?” 

Yes sir, I am” answered Wayde, feeling like it wasn't quite the truth.

“ I've studied your records and believe you have more potential and can be better used elsewhere in the company. I will be a man short on Mr. Clayton's personal security detail,” Silva paused, looked Wayde in the eye once more, and then asked, “do you want the job?”

 Wayde was taken aback and ask, is this Richard Clayton the CEO of Universal Tech?  Silva simply answered "yes".

 Wayde thought for a few seconds and said, “I would love to take the job.”

 Armon Silva then reached out to Wayde, and with a vice like grip shook his hand. Before letting Wayde go, Silva said in an almost threatening tone, “Don't disappoint me Mr. Haytch, I'll be watching you.”  With that the meeting was over, and Wayde’s job was going to be much more interesting.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Machines of darkness Pt.3

Machines of darkness part 3 *word prompt save*
Wayde left the apartment in a rush, trying to shake the dream that in reality was a not so distant memory.  One of many that had been plaguing him of late.

It was coming up on the 3rd anniversary of the battle of New home. Wayde received an invitation to return there for the annual freedom celebration, a freedom he helped make. And that's when the dreams began. It was his last mission before he retired from the guard, and started a new life away from death and pain.

Life had been good too, mundane and ordinary. But that's what he and Lynne wanted, especially with baby Jahy in their life. They moved to a small colony world, only fifty years inhabited. There was one major city and maybe a dozen small towns in the surrounding area. Wayde built a home in one of these towns, planted a garden, and joined the volunteer fire and rescue squad. Wayde landed a job with a growing communications company, setting up comm. towers all over the planet. He loved this job and the crew of people he went out with. He was happy and content with no plan to change, but change it did.

 After a routine check-up for a two year old Jayh, he was diagnosed with a rare form of wasting disease that would be fatal within two or three years. Wayde and Lynne were devastated; their almost perfect life had just hit a wall. Talking with all doctors and specialist locally, and weeks of research, they found there was a treatment that would save him. But extremely costly and had to be taken weekly for life.

The Haytch family had hope again, and new goals to strive for. Wayde worked as much as possible trying to earn extra money, Lynne did what she could from home, selling items and services over the galactic web. They struggled for almost a year, Jahy was alive and healthy but they were on the edge losing everything they had. Spirits that had been high sunk with each passing day. 

Wayde knew he would have to go off world in order to earn enough for his family. He didn't want to leave this place and knew Lynne wouldn't either, but what choice was there?

 The only choice he felt he had left was the subject of this morning’s disagreement with Lynne.  They had agreed that after Wayde left the guard, he would stay out of anything that would put him in harm’s way, or where he would have to hurt someone else. That agreement ended when Wayde's company was acquired by Universal Technology Corporation, or U.T.C. They were one of the largest and most powerful companies in the galaxy.

On a day when work was slow, Wayde thought to look at the company job board, just to see what was available internally. There was the usual accounting, sales, factory work, etc. but it was security that caught his eye. This was not what he wanted, but something he knew well, so he was curious to know more. They were looking for ex-military and experienced security personnel to work in the corporate office on Lykos. The pay would be double his current salary and the pros kept outweighing the cons. Wayde thought it wouldn't hurt to apply, he probably wouldn't hear anything from the company anyway.

He never told Lynne when he had received the vid- message telling him that he had the job. The job was contingent upon an in person interview and physical evaluation at corporate. Needless to say Lynne was not overwhelmed with joy after Wayde told her he was going to Lykos for an interview and what the job would be. After a slightly heated discussion, they both agreed that this was their best direction at the moment. So Wayde made the ten hour trip to Lykos and had a successful meeting with the head of security. He then passed the physical training test with relative ease.

Two weeks later, here he was with his family, in a new apartment and the first day on the job. Stress from moving, bad memories, worry over Jayh and now, Lynne brought up his not discussing important matters with her before acting, again, today of all days. Wayde was on edge and needed to calm down and focus, so he ran.

Frustration and anger melted away as he sprinted towards the transport station fifteen blocks away. As he ran, his mind cleared, senses sharpened. He felt the wind blowing through his hair and over his face. The light of the new days sun rising in colors of deep lavender, crimson and finally bright golden sun, were intense in his vision. The sound of wind dominated but birds and the increasing humm of hove cars filled his ears. He took note of passing apartments, homes and gradually businesses overtook everything. Wayde jogged into the station feeling refreshed and alive, ready for whatever life might throw at him today.

Floating inches above the anti-grav rails, the train like  transport moved into the city with incredible speed.  Wayde was excited and a bit apprehensive as he went deeper into the city. After all this was the capitol and largest city in the galaxy. The city was beautiful, the buildings were all of metallic hues red, gold, copper, silver and everything in between. There were thousands of them of all shapes and sizes, climbing upward as if reaching for the sun. But one building dominated the skyline; it was easily six thousand feet tall. Four jagged spires surrounding a central, equally jagged spire looked as if rough-hewn from stone and dipped in molten silver. With fountains the size of small lakes at each spire and the main court yard paved in gold, it was an impressive sight. This was Waydes new work place; this is where everything was supposed to turn around for the good.
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