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Machines of darkness pt. 2

Machines of darkness pt. 2

“Get down soldier!” 1st Sgt. Hyatch yelled at the same time as he grabbed the solider, pulled him back and down.

 The young solider landed with a grunt on the hard, grey pavement. “Are you trying to get killed? Remember your training.”

“Yes sir. Sorry sir. It won't happen again sir.”

He glared at the young soldier he just saved from a plasma bolt. Hyatch was thinking how many times he had done the same thing for countless others over the years. A never ending stream of young men and women assigned to his care. Most of these kids came straight from basic training. They had no experience with war and all that comes with it. Hyatch seemed to have a knack for keeping them alive long enough to transfer to another battle, and become someone else’s responsibility.

He felt so tired, more than the physical, although that was present too. He just wanted to go home and be with his pregnant wife, she was due anytime now. Just weeks left now till they would be together, his time of service ended. But for now, it was time to concentrate on his men and the mission.

The soldiers crouched by the corner of a building, overlooking a debris strewn intersection. Waade could see burned out store fronts. Remnants of broken electronics, along with clothing, food and other items that had been looted at an earlier time lay where they fell. Burned and scattered hover cars, armoured vehicles choked the streets. Thick black smoke hung in the air, burning the soldier’s eyes as well as their lungs. The smell of burnt plastic and metal was strong.

It was the all too familiar smell of cooked flesh, that bothered Hyatch most though. After years of service in the galactic guard and countless skirmishes, he could not get used to it.

Time to move.” Waade thought.

 Two streets down were an enemy strong hold and staging area for an attack on the capitol. The stubborn leaders of this city refused to be moved to a safe zone. Claiming they would not be bullied by criminals and that they had great confidence in their military and allies to protect them. Hyatch and his fire team were ordered to do recon due to jamming and holographic camouflage that the rebels had acquired recently. A holocam puts a bubble of cover around whatever you want hidden and in concert with sensor jamming tech. The bubble can hide anything. The fire team just needed to get under the bubble, take some vidpic's and plant some enhanced sensor probes to get accurate coordinates for air attack. Then get out.

It was a simple enough mission” Thought Hyatch, but simple has a bad habit of turning rotten in a hurry.

A quick peek around the building revealed a single lookout, hiding behind a plascrete barrier one street down and opposite side.

Acting fast before an warning could be sent, Sgt. Hyatch was on his stomach with plasrifle braced against the building corner. In mere seconds he had sights on target and fired.

The lookout slumped to the ground with a small puff of smoke from his chest where the energy bolt struck. Hyatch and his three men ran in a crouch down the street toward the barrier and stopped at the body.

Sgt. Hyatch took the transceiver from the ear of what looked like a teen aged girl. For a moment there was regret and anger. He forced those feelings away to deal with later, like he always did.

The holocam bubble was in sight, shifting and swirling with the reflected images of its surrounds. The bubble was hard to look at, almost painful to eyes.

The bubble also absorbed sound, making outside listening devices useless. The negative side of the bubble was that you couldn't see or hear what was happening on the outside either. “Good for this recon team, very good indeed,” thought the Sergeant as they ran the last few yards.

“I'll go in first, and then you three follow in a 30 count. Rifle close to his body, so as not to give much warning to someone on the other side,” Sgt. Hyatch commanded just before he slipped into the bubble.

 Being on the inside of the bubble was like being under water, sound was muffled and strange, uncomfortable vibrations were felt all through his body. Then quickly he was through the other side of the bubble and looking for cover that was too far to be of any help.

Two rebel soldiers were only five steps from him in deep conversation and not paying attention as he leveled the rifle and fired.

He was then headed for a trash bin before the bodies hit the ground. “It looks like we might be too late”, thought Hyatch as he watched hundreds of soldiers and dozens of heavy armored hover-craft move his way.

He only had a few moments to give a warning to command before they reached him. Hyatch sprinted back towards the bubble, “No time for caution now, have to get my team and get out.” He thought hurriedly.

He almost reached it when searing heat shot through his right side. Looking down at the smoking hole in his stomach, he thought, “What good is body armor if it doesn't work?”

 He kept his momentum going and flew through the bubble slamming into one of his team as they were coming through. With a grunt of pain and determination, he stood up

“Move!” he yelled to his team and began to run.

Looking behind he saw the holocam dissipate and death coming for them.

“Waade!” screamed one of his men, “wake up.”

 “It’s Sergeant Hyatch, private,” he thought as he forced his legs to move.

“Waade!” A woman’s voice cried.

“ Lynne?” he mumbled.

“Wake up!” Her voice demanded so Waade Hyatch opened his eyes to see his beautiful wife leaning over him with a concerned look on her face.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

 “Yeah, fine, just a bad dream.” He lied.
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